Introducing Leading Ladies Retreat Attendee: Tamell Green

Tamell Green

Assertive Living Women's Empowerment Network's focus is to create spiritual, physical, and emotional renewal for women who are in leadership or married to men in leadership.

We had our first Leading Ladies Retreat in January 2016, and are highlighting our Leading Ladies.

1. Introduce yourself and profession to our readers:

Hi! I'm Tamell Green, your tech savvy, PR specialist, also known as The Digital Midwife. I help busy Mompreneurs give birth to their businesses through social media marketing, web design, and PR essentials. Mompreneurs are my heart because, I too, am a busy mompreneur and know what it's like to place myself on the back burner and help all of those around me accomplish their dreams while mine sit on a shelf. My dreams birthed out of the biggest metamorphosis of my life, the breakup of my family unit. I had to start over, and become my own project and do for me what I had done for so many. Now I aim to help other Moms learn to balance and live their dreams while not taking away from their other roles or not taking themselves off the radar. God allowed me to birth Metamorphosis in order to challenge, inspire and motivate other mompreneurs and myself.

2. What inspired this area of interest?

I am a creative person. I've always been that way since I was a child. On any job/internship I've always ended up being the person that created flyers, newsletters, sent out press releases, created slideshows or anything that helped to create a buzz around an event, program or whatever we were trying to do. I guess you can say I've always been a PR Specialist.  When I started Metamorphosis, it was at a time in my life when all hell was breaking loose. I had become a stay at home Mom, but LIFE happened and it pushed me back to work. I went on countless interviews, even call backs for 2nd interviews, but no one hired me. Well, at least not quick enough for me. :-). I was sitting to the kitchen table and I began to ask the Lord what is it that you're trying to get me to do because for the first time in my life, I was truly at a loss of what my "next" was. My Bishop, at the time had preached a sermon, "What's in Your Hands Moses" and all I could hear was that sermon in my head as if God himself was preaching to me. With tears in my eyes and fear of the uncertainty, I began to walk towards bringing forth all of the creative ideas I had already written down about being an entrepreneur. I had a shell of a business already, but I knew it was time to really get serious. Walking in my purpose allowed me to keep my sanity and I started a Masters degree program in Public Relations that helped me to really dig into my craft. I don't think that I needed to get my Masters in PR to do what I am doing now, but I was beginning to take myself off of the back burner, and obtaining my Masters degree was on my list of things that I wanted to do. It was a God given time in my life that not only taught me about me, but also about how to run my online PR Firm. I also signed up for the WIA program which allowed me to get other certifications in my field and learn the Adobe Suite and html. When I look back on it now, if I had been hired at any of those jobs that I had applied for, I wouldn't have been able to do the WIA program because it is income based. I am a very resourceful person. I know how to help others connect the dots, so when I needed to do it for myself, I used those same resources that I have sent others to on many occasions. Connecting my dots is what inspired my area of interest.

3. Tell us about what programs you are currently offering or launching.

I am currently planning my very FIRST VIP Day in Columbia, SC. This will be the launch to my FIRST Group Coaching Program for Moms. I am truly excited!!! I've been that Mom/Wife that worked outside of the home and the Mom/Wife who stayed-at-home but somehow in both states I was still not living up to my heart's desire. I want to help those women who felt just like that. They knew there was something else, but they needed help to bring it forth. In this program I will help the Moms to get clear! We will pray! We will cry! We will BRAND!...and they will birth their business babies!!!!! In this program these Moms will truly find out why I am "The Digital Midwife" while also seeing that there are other ways to give birth to their dreams.

4. What primary struggles do you find women have in the area that you serve?

As women, but especially as Moms, we want to help everybody. It's the natural instinct that we have. We sometimes take that "I want to help everyone" on in our business and not truly help those that we are called to serve. Most of the women that I serve do not know their target market in the beginning. They know what they are called to do, but sometimes not to whom. I help women take away that "EVERYBODY" mentality so that they can get clear about their branding and marketing strategies for their social media, websites, blogs, etc. Once they get clear on that, then we set out on their business journey to build their brand.

5. What is next for your brand in 2016?

I've done a mixture of online and offline events, workshops, and webinars. I want to keep that momentum going. The VIP Day and Group Coaching program will lead me out of 2016. I'm already planning for next year!!!

6.  Describe your experience at the 2016 Leading Ladies Retreat and Working Your Goals Workshop Weekend.

One word, WOW! Being invited to the Leading Ladies Retreat was like God was calling me out. The Assertive Living Movement is such a healing ministry and it was just the touch that I needed at that very moment. As a leading lady (I love that term by the way), sometimes you do not get others to pour back into you as you have poured into others. People think because you are strong that you don't need help. The ENTIRE weekend filled my empty tank. It was an answered prayer that I hadn't even prayed. God truly has made me have some of the best power connections and the Leading Ladies Retreat is definitely one of those power connections. I enjoyed the learning that took place from the older women to the younger women and from the younger women to the older women. Such healing conversations with unmasked women.

The Working Your Goals Workshop was equally as refreshing as the retreat. It gave me a chance to be transparent and let women know that we can pull through any storm with God leading the way. Often times, Christians confuse waiting on God and equate it to, "I ain't doing nothing" but God works when He see us work. Faith without works is dead. Moving forward may not be easy, but working towards your goals always pays off in the end. I enjoyed the chance to share my story at the Working Your Goals Workshop. Sharing the pain places that I had to endure when working my own goals is a healing power like none other.

7.  Has participating in the weekend benefited you in anyway?  Please explain.

Of course! Besides gaining new power connections and reconnection with old ones, I was armed with more prayer tools and tactics to keep my mind clear as I continue on this journey of being a Leading Lady not only in my business, but in my home, friendships, and just everyday life.

8.  Who would you recommend the weekend to in the future?

I would recommend this weekend to women who are on empty from pouring too much from their cup and not filling their tanks. This weekend will equip them with more ways to stay full while they serve. Staying full means something different to each woman. It doesn't mean life is perfect, but it means that I can still move forward no matter what state that I am in. This weekend will help women get clear on how to fill their own tanks and determine what full is in their own lives.

9. How can readers connect with you online and through social media?

They can visit my website at and connect with me through all my social media platforms that they will find at the bottom of my site. I am on all platforms, but there is something different that I share on each of them, so feel free to connect with me at all of them.